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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

AI Collaborating with Dancers

Successful Collaboration a powerful idea,   how is it fundamentally enhanced?

NSF Grant Sees Dancers and AI As Creative Collaborators, By Georgia Institute of Technology, August 31, 2021

A project predecessor is LuminAI, which pairs a participant's movements with AI virtual dance partners.

A U.S. National Science Foundation grant for $573,561 awarded to Professor Brian Magerko at Georgia Institute of Technology will fund "research to develop a computational architecture to model embodied and co-creative behavior between humans and embodied intelligent machines," according to the NSF award.

Magerko's team will study human dancers and develop artificial intelligence agents to "co-create" with humans. The work will culminate in a live AI dance performance with the Kennesaw State University School of Dance faculty and students.

The goal is to "develop a co-creative AI that approaches expert-level participatory sensemaking in contemporary dance and train this agent to create a curated improvisational partner," the award states.

The project is expected to lay the groundwork for the development of other applications such as physical therapy, design brainstorming, or future experiences with robots in the home.

Georgia Institute of Technology

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