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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Zoom Rooms and Alexa for Business

 Alexa linking with Zoom Room Appliances.  Collaboration with Zoo,  Voice control of meeting management.  Expanding the uses of Amazon for Business. A good movement forward given the popularity of Zoom for meetings.   And the use of AI to integrate voice and logical management of increasingly complex meetings in the post-pandemic world.  Look forward to give this a try.  

Zoom Rooms and Alexa for Business to Empower Hands-Free Meetings  By Bobby Agarwal  in Amazon Developer

With employees around the country beginning to transition back into physical offices, many teams are making decisions related to how they can prepare their technical infrastructure for the post-pandemic world. One of the recurring themes has been the need for hands-free and voice-controlled meeting rooms. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Gartner predicted that by 2022, 40% of formal meetings will be facilitated by virtual AI and advanced analytics.

Simpler Voice-Controlled Meetings    

Starting today, Alexa will be integrated into Zoom Rooms Appliances and available for organizations of all sizes. This update extends support to Zoom Rooms Appliances manufactured by DTEN, Logitech, Neat, and Poly. By using natural language such as “Alexa, join my meeting,” or “Alexa, find me an available room” administrators can help employees focus on the meeting itself rather than the technology. No more touching screens, switching between technologies, or remembering how to use different devices.

This new offering enables administrators to set up Alexa for Business with a few clicks within the Zoom Rooms portal itself and without having to purchase additional hardware. Once enabled, for an individual room, floor, building, or campus, Zoom Rooms users can ask Alexa to join their scheduled meeting, start a new meeting, book a room for their ad-hoc meeting, or find an available room by simply using their voice. 

“How we work is changing,” said Jeff Smith, Head of Zoom Rooms at Zoom. “By integrating Alexa for Business into Zoom Rooms Appliances, we’re reducing friction for organizations as they look towards ways to bring back their employees safely.”    ... " 

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