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Monday, May 31, 2021

GDPR Compliance

Examining this topic

Is there such a thing as “GDPR compliant”?  in Gartner

By Nader Henein | May 27, 2021 

Recent approvals for two codes of conduct by the European Data Protection Board – the body who oversees the GDPR – has reinvigorated this question. The short answer is “No”, the longer answer is “Not yet, but it should be coming soon”,  and you should be preparing. In this 5 minute read, I’ll take you through the story so far and what IT leaders and vendors can do to demonstrate compliance and prepare for formal certification.

Vendor marketing claims aside, as of the writing of this post, there is no formal certification for GDPR compliance. BUT the GDPR does set out a process in Article 42 so that certification bodies can submit their schemes for formal approval. Even though the GDPR came into effect in May of 2018, a process to operationalize Art. 42 did not exist till early 2020 with the publication of the approval procedures.  ... " 

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