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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Editorial Thoughts on Blog Posts Here

Editorial description of articles in this Blog.   

Most posts usually consist of these parts:  1.) A title that describes the essence of the article  2.)  A comment/review/expansion  of my opinion of the topic involved, which usually takes the viewpoint of the readers I know I have.  3.) An excerpt of the article quoted in Italics.  Usually short, quoted under 'fair use' review assumptions.   4.)   If available, a link to the original article.  5.) A set of text tags, which link directly to other articles on similar topics, that you can readily use to search for more   6.) Comments, if any.  All are moderated. 

Completeness cannot be assured. You many have to pay for the entire article to see it.   My opinions are my own.  Links to articles may stop working over time,  and I usually don't fix them.    I will usually update my outright errors if you inform me.  If you have content I find useful to my readers I may add it,  ask me. Will usually talk significant opportunities, but not just 'Ads'.

This blog has been around for a long time.   Previous years posts were done under somewhat differing assumptions. 

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