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Friday, May 28, 2021

Towards a Quantum Workspace

Hmmm, why a 'Quantum Age', is it not just a computing age using new tools?     But as a structure for training in a new space, OK. 

Building a Workforce for the Quantum Age  By Purdue University

With the emergence of quantum technology, Purdue University is working to build a quantum workforce, using an array of tools including an upcoming summer school, online "micromasters" degree, adapted coursework, clubs, and seminars.

 "Quantum has the potential to be revolutionary technology," says David Stewart, managing director of the Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute. "But right now, there just aren't enough people to do the work that's needed."

Purdue is pioneering ways to give engineers and other scientists a workable quantum background quickly.

"We are developing programs to train the next generation of quantum scientists," says Alexandra Boltasseva, workforce development lead for the Quantum Science Center. "The more education that's available, the more people and events students have access to, the more likely they are to connect and spark cross-institutional collaboration, which will lead to future advances. Our vision is to equip scientists and engineers from all sorts of different disciplines to participate in the quantum workforce and open more doors for our young people."

From Purdue University

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