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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Use of Digital Humans Expand

 Recall our own experiments in the space.   Interesting to see these expanding ...... would like to see more data on how effective these are in varying contexts.     Are humans naturally warmer in these contexts

Cookie, Candy Companies Among Those Fielding Digital Humans in Marketing

May 20, 2021 

Ruth the Cookie Coach is a “digital human” incorporating AI to help Nestle connect to customers around its Toll House brand, offering recipes and support. (Credit: Nestle)

By AI Trends Staff

Ruth the Cookie Coach is a digital human being introduced by the Toll House brand of Nestle Global to provide baking assistance on a 24-7 basis, using an avatar incorporating AI that exhibits a degree of emotional intelligence, according to the company.

Ruth is named after the creator of the Nestle Toll House original chocolate chip cookie, Ruth Wakefield. Customers have the option to see, speak, and chat with Ruth while following the dynamic, on-screen content, according to an account on the website of Soul Machines,

The avatar is the culmination of two years of effort between Soul Machines, which offers a Human OS platform with a Digital Brain, and Nestle. The effort leveraged data from customer questions through the call center, social channels, multiple recipes across the web, and with the expertise of Nestle Corporate Pastry Chef Meredith Tomason.

Founded in 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand, Soul Machines has raised $65 million to date, according to Crunchbase. The company was spun out of the University of Auckland by Mark Sagar, CEO and Greg Cross, chief business officer. The company combines AI researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists and artists to create lifelike, emotionally responsive digital humans it calls Digital Heroes, with personality and character.   ... ' 

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