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Friday, May 14, 2021

Amazon Smart Neighborhoods to Emerge

 I know this has created some stir about privacy and invasiveness,  but it seems most of the privacy gurus that have taken a closer look are seeing it as benign.  Course, like their current means of easily sharing photos with police, some will see misuse of the resulting data as an issue.   The particular use of wifi and radio signals is certainly novel, will have to wait to see if that can be hacked and misused.   Will experiment and follow. Like their experimental directions. 

Amazon Sidewalk will create entire smart neighborhoods. Here's what you should know in Cnet:

Launching June 8 on Echo speakers, Ring products, Tile trackers and more, Amazon's low-bandwidth internet-of-things network lets your smart home stretch beyond Wi-Fi range.

Amazon has had its sights set on the smart home ever since Alexa came along -- but now the online megaretailer is thinking bigger, and envisioning entire smart neighborhoods. First announced in 2019, the effort is called Amazon Sidewalk, and it uses a small fraction of your home's Wi-Fi bandwidth to pass wireless low-energy Bluetooth and 900MHz radio signals between compatible devices across far greater distances than Wi-Fi is capable of on its own -- in some cases, as far as half a mile, Amazon says.  ... " 

(This article takes a fairly  deep look at the Sidewalk idea, and how it uses current Amazon devices, one concern is that it is now defaulting to op-in. )

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