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Saturday, May 15, 2021

About the Colossus Computer

 Am a long time follower of the history of computing since I worked with one of the people who had a part in maintaining the ENIAC computer at the U of P.  This talk does a good job of presenting the math-technical-operational challenge of breaking codes in WWII.   And also how the Colossus computer was devised earlier than other early systems like the Eniac.    Not too technical.  

Further it shows the over-eagerness of the UK to deeply bury the advances they made until the 1970s.  In part, they infer, because  it allowed the UK to sell encryption tech to allies and potential enemies after the war without revealing that they could decrypt their communications!   Some of their tech is still kept secret.  Thus ensuring that key people in the UK did not get the credit they deserved.   

The Centre for Computing History  May 4 Presentation

Chris Shore talks about Colossus, how it came to be, how it worked and how it changed the course of World War II.  Essential viewing!

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