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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Archaeological Classification via Deep Learning

 A kind of natural application.  Thought of it too watching some programs that described archaeological technique where experts had to be brought in for key finds identification.   Useful generalization.  I remember some examples of contamination classification on a packing line that could have been done similarly.

Archaeologists vs. Computers: Study Tests Who's Best at Sifting the Past

The New York Times, Heather Murphy, May 25, 2021

Computers can sort pottery shards into subtypes at least as accurately as human archaeologists, as demonstrated by Northern Arizona University researchers. The researchers pitted a deep learning neural network against four expert archaeologists in classifying thousands of images of Tusayan White Ware pottery among nine known types; the networks outperformed two experts and equaled the other two. The network also sifted through all 3,000 photos in minutes, while each expert's analysis took three to four months. The network also could more specifically communicate its reasoning for certain categorizations than its human counterparts, and offered a single answer for each classification.

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