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Monday, May 31, 2021

Smart Speaker Market

I  consider the smart speaker phenomenon a means of testing how we can interact with computation, related intelligence and useful .   So the measure seen here is how well we are doing to date.  Still behind I believe,  but we are continuing to learn.

U.S. Smart Display User Base Grew by More Than 50% in 2020   By Bret Kinsella in Voicebot.ai

While the smart speaker market’s U.S. adoption rate barely grew in 2020, smart displays followed another path entirely. Voicebot has tracked smart display adoption multiple times per year since 2018 and 2020 witnessed a surge in device adoption. Just over 16% of U.S. adults that owned smart speakers at the beginning of 2020 had at least one smart display in their device collection. By September, that figure reached 24.1% and it was 25.8% in January 2021. That is a significant rise considering the previous 12-months saw only about a three percentage point rise. The 2020 growth rate was three times higher.

This trend data were first reported in Voicebot’s U.S. Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2021. The report includes over 30 pages of analysis, hundreds of individual data points, and 35 charts, including several that address smart speaker and smart display market share by vendor and installed user base.


It may seem counterintuitive that smart displays grew so quickly and yet the overall smart speaker market did not. The answer is embedded in the chart above. New smart display owners in 2020 were not new smart speaker owners. Instead, they were existing smart speaker owners that were acquiring their first smart displays during the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, they didn’t expand the smart speaker user base very much but they did add a new voice interactive device type to many consumer homes.  ... '

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