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Monday, May 17, 2021

Microsoft Teams now for Friends, Family, Fun, Slack .... and Free too

Players have decided that free group software in all contexts is the way to win big and broadly post pandemic.

Microsoft Teams is ready for 'friends and family'

After almost a year in preview, Teams has a bunch of new features for personal use.

By N. Ingraham   in Engadget

Microsoft Teams is well-known as a competitor to Slack for workplace communications, but almost a year ago the company announced it was also getting some features geared at using it with family or friends. After a long preview period, Microsoft is announcing that Teams is now available to anyone and free for personal use.

If you haven't tried Teams for personal use yet, it includes core features from platforms like Slack and Discord, including video calling, chat, integration with files you're working with and so on. Today's announcement highlights the kinds of features Microsoft is aiming at people who want to use it with friends and families. For example, "Together Mode" is a twist on video calling that puts you and your callers into a virtual shared environment; Microsoft says this actually reduces video call fatigue "because your brain doesn’t have to work as hard when compared to a standard video call."   ... '

(Much more with pics of group usage too) 

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