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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Signal Analytics and Baby Care

I see some of my former employers are involved.   Platform for predictive demand forecasting based on marketing decisions is a good thing. 

Signals Analytics Launches AI-Driven Intelligence Platform for Booming Baby Care Market  in PRNewswire

Platform allows baby care brands to leverage wide dataset of consumer and market connected insights in near real time.

NEW YORK, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Signals Analytics, an AI-powered consumer and market intelligence platform, is adding Baby Care to its rapidly growing list of industry-specific offerings. Fresh off the heels of its successful Consumer Electronics and Apparel category launches earlier this year, the Baby Care expansion comes as demand for connected, external data and predictive analytics spikes in helping support cross-functional, insight-driven decision making.

Signals Analytics' new Baby Care solution offers a view into cross-market trends as well as category-specific insights for Baby Wipes & Diapers and Baby Personal Care, with a focus on Skin Care, Hair Care, and Body Hygiene - helping brands compete in this crowded sector. Pulling from over 13,000 external data sources -- spanning Instagram, Amazon, Target, and LexisNexis -- the platform will help fuel actionable go-to-market decisions in areas such as product innovation, pipeline prioritization, brand messaging, and marketing execution, to enable brand relevance and category share growth. 

Valued at $67 billion globally in 2020, the baby care market is expected to reach $88.7 billion by 2026, in part due to a rise in disposable parental income, older parental ages, and increased consumer awareness of baby hygiene. Historically, the market has been dominated by a few powerplayers, yet smaller, high-growth challenger brands are gaining momentum and market share. Ecommerce availability has leveled the playing field giving newer, more niche baby brands previously untapped exposure. With competition heating up and new products rolling out, it is imperative that brands have insight into what will drive new parents to purchase and understand the concerns they have top of mind. ... ' 

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