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Friday, May 28, 2021

Google's Material You

 Was just introduced to Google's Material You: The Next stage for Material Design ... Where form follows feeling.  Looking to understand.  

Unveiling Material You

The next stage for Material Design ... 

Today at I/O we unveiled Material You, a radical new way to think about design. Material You will transform design for Android, for Google, and for the entire tech industry. Over the coming months, we plan to share more details about Material You, and how it is shaping everything we do at Google. Let’s start with the vision.

Material You embraces emotion and expressiveness

When we introduced Material Design in 2014, our vision was to help make technology simple and beautiful for everyone, and to rationalize experiences across mobile and the web. The challenge today has broadened. Computing continues to grow with more screens appearing in more areas of our lives. Also, users are demanding more expressiveness and control over their personal devices. They’re seeking experiences that are more than just practical and functional—experiences that also evoke emotion.

Designers across Google from Hardware, Android, and App teams came together to respond to this challenge, asking themselves, “What if form did not just follow function, but also followed feeling?” Material You explores a more humanistic approach to design. One that celebrates the tension between design sensibility and personal preference, and does not shy away from emotion. Without compromising the functional foundations of our apps, Material You seeks to create designs that are personal for every style, accessible for every need, alive and adaptive for every screen.  .... 

See more also on YouTube:     http://youtube.com/MaterialDesign

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