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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Topology and Homology Address the Form of Data

Nice short piece on Topology.   I was introduced to it at an early age, and liked aspects of how it linked to the real world in a special ways.   But I never saw very much direct use for it.   Except, as the article suggests, for categorizing shapes in an interesting way. But now something called Homology, which lets you think about shapes in data. Now thinking of how it might be used.    In Quanta Mag, a largely, but subtly non-technical description: 

How Mathematicians Use Homology to Make Sense of Topology

Originally devised as a rigorous means of counting holes, homology provides a scaffolding for mathematical ideas, allowing for a new way to analyze the shapes within data.

In Quanta Magazine By Kelsey Houston-Edwards    Contributing Writer  ..... '

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