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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Using the Rust Language for Code Safety

In a recent dev oriented conversation someone mentioned Rust as a programing Language to improve code safety.   I heard about it again today re Facebook's usage.   Also the Rust Foundation seems to have support from major players.   Here is an overview and history of its use.  

A brief history of Rust at Facebook

Facebook is embracing Rust, one of the most loved and fastest-growing programming languages available today. In addition to bringing new talent to its Rust team, Facebook has announced that it is officially joining the nonprofit Rust Foundation. Alongside fellow members including Mozilla (the creators of Rust), AWS, Microsoft, and Google, Facebook will be working to sustain and grow the language’s open source ecosystem.

For developers, Rust offers the performance of older languages like C++ with a heavier focus on code safety. Today, there are hundreds of developers at Facebook writing millions of lines of Rust code. And while it’s clear that Facebook is increasingly invested in the future of the language, it’s important to understand how we grew to this point.  ... '

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