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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Improving Digital Images with Machine Learning

Akin to somethings we experimented with in a startup years ago.  Taking it much farther, it seems.   Need to see more about this!   A sort of knowledge extraction process from images.

ML Approach Brings Digital Photos Back to Life,     By Texas A&M Engineering News

A machine learning (ML) technique developed by researchers at Texas A&M University (TAMU) enables users to produce novel views of a scene from a single photo.  TAMU's Nima Kalantari said, "We can download and use any image on the Internet, even ones that are 100 years old, and essentially bring it back to life and look at it from different angles."

Kalantari and graduate student Qinbo Li trained a deep learning network to generate novel views based on a single input image by showing it a set of over 2,000 images and corresponding novel-view images.

Each input image was converted into a multiplane image, training the network to infer the location of objects in the scene.

From Texas A&M Engineering News

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