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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Tesla Hacked from Drone without a Click

But, It is stated that you cannot get driving control of the car from the hack.

Tesla Car Hacked Remotely From Drone via Zero-Click Exploit

By Eduard Kovacs   in SecurityWeek   Via piece in Schneier  (Which often will contain thoughtful comments) 

Two researchers have shown how a Tesla — and possibly other cars — can be hacked remotely without any user interaction. They carried out the attack from a drone.

This was the result of research conducted last year by Ralf-Philipp Weinmann of Kunnamon and Benedikt Schmotzle of Comsecuris. The analysis was initially carried out for the Pwn2Own 2020 hacking competition — the contest offered a car and other significant prizes for hacking a Tesla — but the findings were later reported to Tesla through its bug bounty program after Pwn2Own organizers decided to temporarily eliminate the automotive category due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The attack, dubbed TBONE, involves exploitation of two vulnerabilities affecting ConnMan, an internet connection manager for embedded devices. An attacker can exploit these flaws to take full control of the infotainment system of a Tesla without any user interaction.  ... 

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