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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

New Sales Expert LLC

Met Sean the other day, had an enjoyable introduction to his company and methods.   

Drive New Sales  In Your Company

Sean O’Shaughnessey,  CEO and President,  New Sales Expert LLC


From Pipeline to Bottom Line: How to Boost Your Sales Team Effectiveness

It might seem the only necessary indicator of sales success is the bottom line. If your sales team is contributing to healthy profits, it’s all good, right? Well, not necessarily. The sales process has many stages – from building the pipeline, to nurturing prospects, to closing deals and managing customer relationships. Along the way, there are milestones and pivot points where course corrections can occur if warranted. But to know when and how to make those corrections, it’s important to measure sales team effectiveness at every stage of the process. Here’s a quick look at how to assess sales, track sales productivity, and ensure your sales team is effectively building a solid pipeline and driving results.

The Big Picture First

Obviously, the best place to start assessing the effectiveness of your sales team is by looking at overall sales. Does the bottom line look healthy? How does it compare to past results? To targeted goals and objectives? To your competitors’ results?

Web Site:   http://newsales.expert/   With lots of additional information and pointers to methods and clients.

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