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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

EBook on Ensemble Learning

I see that Jason Brownlee has a new book on Ensemble Learning,  a method  I recently mentioned here,  “Ensemble Learning Algorithms With Python“   at the link a considerable look at it. Have not examined it myself as yet.  

so What is Ensemble Learning?

Ensemble learning algorithms combine the predictions of two or more models.

The idea of ensemble learning is closely related to the idea of the “wisdom of crowds“. This is where many different independent decisions, choices or estimates are combined into a final outcome that is often more accurate than any single contribution.

This is the core idea behind major aspects of modern society, such as a scientific peer review, a jury of peers, and seeking a second opinion. It is an alternative to seeking out and taking the advice of an expert.

In applied machine learning, it means combining the predictions from multiple models trained on your dataset, instead of seeking the single best performing model. ... 

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