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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

IonQ now Supports IBM Qiskit Quantum development kit

Providing a seems another and we assume better means of developing quantum applications.     Would be good to compare applications.

IonQ now supports IBM’s Qiskit quantum development kit

Frederic Lardinois@frederick

IonQ, the trapped ion quantum computing company that recently announced that it wants to go public via a SPAC, today announced that it is integrating its quantum computing platform with the open-source Qiskit software development kit. This means Qiskit users can now bring their programs to IonQ’s platform without any major modifications to their code.

At first glance, that seems relatively unremarkable, but it’s worth noting that Qiskit was founded by IBM Research and is IBM’s default tool for working with its quantum computers. There is a healthy bit of competition between IBM and IonQ (and, to be fair, many others in this space), in part because both are betting on very different technologies at the core of their platforms. While IonQ is betting on trapped ions, which allows its machines able to run at room temperature, IBM’s technique requires its machine to be supercooled.   .... '

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