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Sunday, April 18, 2021

First Multi-Node Quantum Network Paves the Way for the Quantum Internet

 Though still a small number of qubits,  but the connectivity into a 'quantum internet' appears to be a big step forward.

 First Multi-Node Quantum Network Paves the Way for the Quantum Internet By ZDNet  April 16, 2021

Researchers in the Netherlands have successfully connected three separate quantum processors in what is effectively the world's first multi-node quantum network. This paves the way for a large-scale quantum internet that governments and scientists have been dreaming up for decades.

QuTech, a quantum research institute based in Delft, has published new work in which three nodes that can store and process quantum bits (also called qubits) were linked. This, according to the QuTech researchers, is the world's first rudimentary quantum network.

It would be the harbinger of an entirely new medium of calculation, harnessing the powers of subatomic particles to obliterate the barriers of time in solving incalculable problems.

Connecting quantum devices is by no means a novelty: many researchers around the world are currently working on similar networks, but so far have only succeeded in linking two quantum processors. Establishing a multi-node connection, therefore, is a key step towards significantly expanding the size of the network.

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