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Friday, April 16, 2021

AI Development and Policymaking

Obvious, and exists well beyond AI into all decision oriented computation.    Must be done as part of a process understanding model of how decisions are made and implemented, under regulation and compliance.  So ultimately complex. 

Bridging The Gap Between AI Policymakers and AI Developers

By Analytics India Magazine, March 5, 2021in CACM

The current gap in policymakers' tech knowledge and technologists' ethics knowledge needs to be bridged to ensure AI's sustainable development.

To encourage more AI professionals to participate in public policy, the governments should encourage or invest in universities to introduce subjects on ethics, policy, and social sciences in AI and data science courses. 

Only by familiarizing themselves with AI through qualified technologists, policymakers can draft sensible regulation that strikes the right balance between developing ethical AI and maximizing its potential.

From Analytics India Magazine

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