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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Cyber Threats to Supply Chains

Schneier reports on the DNI annual assessment.  With lots of interesting comments and other coverage in his blog.   Would also like to emphasize supply chain implications.  We move so much, from raw materials to finished products, that these components have become major threat targets as well as new dimensions of needed security.    An  increasing amount of defining and supporting data also becomes a significant target that can be stolen or manipulated.   Below just a hint at consequences:

DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment

The office of the Director of National Intelligence released its “Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.”   Cybersecurity is covered on pages 20-21. Nothing surprising:

Cyber threats from nation states and their surrogates will remain acute.

- States’ increasing use of cyber operations as a tool of national power, including increasing use by militaries around the world, raises the prospect of more destructive and disruptive cyber activity.

- Authoritarian and illiberal regimes around the world will increasingly exploit digital tools to surveil their citizens, control free expression, and censor and manipulate information to maintain control over their populations.

- During the last decade, state sponsored hackers have compromised software and IT service supply chains, helping them conduct operations — espionage, sabotage, and potentially prepositioning for warfighting.

The supply chain line is new; I hope the government is paying attention.  ... " 

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