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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

API's Again: Building Blocks for Transformation

The recent thing about the Supreme Court ruling in a 6–2 decision that Google's use of the Java APIs fell into fair use, made us think of API's again.    Are they still relevant now?   Well yes, and for a bunch of reasons.   HBR outlines it, below the intro:

APIs Aren’t Just for Tech Companies  by Tiffany Xingyu Wang and Matt McLarty  in the HBR


APIs are building blocks for digital transformation, but determining which APIs to develop and what products and solutions they’ll enable requires a digital mindset. You don’t have to be a tech company to reap the benefits of APIs, and they would particularly benefit small to midsize companies that now struggle to reach digital audiences through saturated and tightly controlled ad networks and ecommerce markets. APIs would position them to more easily offer products and services through emerging platforms, unbundle and re-bundle their core competencies, and offload non-core competencies to third-party providers. Companies that have been most successful with APIs display common thinking patterns and practices, something the authors call the “ways of the API.” They present three of the most impactful of these patterns.    ... " 

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