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Friday, April 23, 2021

EU to Constrain Certain AI Uses?

To be expected reaction from EU regulators.

Facial Recognition, Other 'Risky' AI Set for Constraints in EU

Bloomberg, Natalia Drozdiak, April 21, 2021

The European Commission has proposed new rules constraining the use of facial recognition and other artificial intelligence applications, and threatening fines for companies that fail to comply. The rules would apply to companies that, among other things, exploit vulnerable groups, deploy subliminal techniques, or score people’s social behavior. The use of real-time remote biometric identification systems by law enforcement also would be prohibited unless used specifically to prevent a terror attack, find missing children, or for other public security emergencies. Other high-risk applications, including for self-driving cars and in employment or asylum decisions, would have to undergo checks of their systems before deployment. The proposed rules need to be approved by the European Parliament and by individual member-states before they could become law.   ... " 

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