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Friday, April 16, 2021

Lowes Supporting AI Research

Lowes has always been doing interesting things in retail.    Now is supporting AI in                             education.

Lowe's Puts $1.5 Million Into AI Research at UNC Charlotte, By The Charlotte Observer (NC), April 15, 2021

Home improvement retailer Lowe's and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) jointly announced a $1.5-million gift to install an endowed faculty position at the college to lead artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning research.

The gift also will support student research in highly sought-after technology applications, expanding UNCC's pipeline for graduates going to work in various fields.

Lowe's Seemantini Godbole said the company already uses machine-learning-trained AI to help manage its workforce, while similar solutions underpin how Lowe's revises offerings and sales strategies for contractors or professionals.

UNCC's Fatma Mili said Lowe's gift allows students to work directly with the retailer as one of the school's partners to innovate and problem-solve with real-world applications.

Learners also research and gain insights into the social ramifications and ethical issues of rapidly maturing technology.

From The Charlotte Observer (NC)

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