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Friday, April 23, 2021

Apple Supplier Targeted with Ransomware

Even Apple suppliers are vulnerable.  Note in particular theft of corporate data and plans.

 Apple Targeted in $50-Million Ransomware Hack of Supplier Quanta

Bloomberg, Kartikay Mehrotra, April 21, 2021

Taiwan-based Apple contract manufacturer Quanta Computer suffered a ransomware attack apparently by Russian operator REvil, which claimed to have stolen the blueprints of Apple's latest products. A user on the cybercrime forum XSS posted Sunday that REvil was about to declare its "largest attack ever," according to an anonymous source. REvil named Quanta its latest victim on its "Happy Blog" site, claiming it had waited to publicize the breach until Apple's latest product launch because Quanta had refused to pay its ransom demands. By the time the launch ended, REvil had posted schematics for a new laptop, including the workings of what seems to be a Macbook designed as recently as March. ... '

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