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Monday, April 12, 2021

Holograms Improved?

 Seen a number of examples, never satisfying will this improve them?  But note 'doodles of light', not full images.  Possible applications interacting with health care images?

Technological Leap for Holograms: Real 'Doodles of Light' in Real Time

In SciTechDaily, April 9, 2021

An algorithm developed by researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) in Japan can convert freely drawn lines into holograms on a standard desktop central processing unit. The team connected a tablet to a standard desktop PC with no graphics processing unit, and conventional hologram generation hardware. The algorithm was shown to be sufficiently fast to allow handwriting on the tablet to be translated into images in the air in near-real time, while the use of the PC potentially expands the interactive system's scope of implementation. The TMU researchers are particularly interested in deploying the technology in heads-up displays of navigation instructions in helmets and cars.

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