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Friday, April 16, 2021

Measuring Consciousness

 More brain research addresses complexities of intelligence.

Researchers Find Better Way to Measure Consciousness

University of Wisconsin-Madison News, Chris Barncard, March 16, 2021

Analysis of neural signals in monkeys by University of Wisconsin–Madison (UWM) researchers combined traditional telltales of consciousness with computational metrics describing the signals' complexities and interaction in different brain regions. The authors used machine learning to determine whether the monkeys were conscious or not and the activity levels of their brain areas by processing those signals through a computer. UWM's Mohsen Afrasiabi said the results indicated the back of the brain and the deep brain areas are more predictive of states of consciousness than the front. UWM's Yuri Saalmann said, "We could use what we've learned to optimize electrical patterns through precise brain stimulation and help people who are, say, in a coma maintain a continuous level of consciousness."

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