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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Is There a Need Apologetic AI?

 Now this really struck me.   As a useful consideration.  When humans do tasks they do apologize, sometimes appropriately, sometimes not.  Makes them more human.   Recalled we talked about doing this for one of our pieces of 'brand equity' that talked to consumers.   It was way out there on the limb of the decision tree.    But the reaction was removed.  Was it because of one of our many talks with our lawyers?  Maybe, but I forget.   Sorry.   

Apologetic AI Is A Somewhat Sorry Trend, Especially For Autonomous Cars  

AI developers are beginning to enable self-driving cars to apologize to passengers after driving mishaps, causing Lance Eliot to consider the implications. 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider   

That’s the latest trend for AI that directly interacts with people. The notion seems to be that if the AI has to deliver unfavorable news or appears to have made a potential mistake, it ought to be civil about the matter and emit an apology. AI developers are either opting to include the apology-generating capacity or they are being pressed by system designers and managers to infuse the “sorry about that” capability.   

This might seem at first glance as a marvelous addition to an AI system and would presumably be valuable to construct. Sorry to say that the AI being apologetic has both upsides and downsides. 

Let’s begin by considering a context that will help to reveal the pros and cons of AI-powered apologies. Imagine that you apply online for a car loan and the AI system determines that you are not worthy, as it were, and promptly turns you down. The belief is that this would be an ideal moment for the AI to offer you a “heartfelt” apology.   

It might go something like this: Dear loan applicant, it is with great sorrow that I must inform you of the unfortunate news that your request to borrow funds to buy a car is hereby denied. Please know that you are not alone in having been spurned and accept this apology for any discomfort that might arise from this outcome. Sincerely, the AI system that reluctantly rebuffed your request.   

Do you think this apology will make the person feel any better about the AI-powered decision?   ... "

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