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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Some Key Uses for BlockChain

Nicely done use cases, not much detail, but a start.

Blockchain, Unchained: 5 Key Use Cases   By Joe McKendrick | November 11, 2020 in RtInsights

To achieve success with blockchain, PwC advises proponents to focus on collaboration beyond the walls of their enterprises. ...

Blockchain adoption is on the rise. “Serious activity around blockchain is cutting through every industry across the globe right now,” says Steve Davies, partner and blockchain leader for PwC UK. “It’s driven by an acute need to win trust in the digital world. Businesses are rethinking their operations and are discovering not only is blockchain technology key to delivering trust, but it’s an opportunity open to all.”  ... 

Davies summed up the findings of PwC’s latest report on blockchain in business, which estimates the technology ultimately boosting the global gross domestic product by $1.76 trillion over the next decade. Its applications extend well beyond cryptocurrencies, streamlining processes “by consolidating records, automatically, online. This spells an end to inefficient paper trails, reducing the related risk of manual error and oversight, and the reputational damage that can follow.”

The PwC report identified the five key use cases for blockchain:    ... " 

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