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Monday, January 25, 2021

Anomaly Detection with Lacework

Brought to my attention: 

Lacework covers topics and issues around threat defense, intrusion detection, cloud containers, workloads, accounts, devops, and more.

Anomaly Detection and Behavioral Analytics Focus on user and Application Behavior and how it changes over time. 

Identify and Analyze Anomalies in Cloud and Container Environments

Public clouds enable enterprises to implement infrastructure-as-code and allows them to rapidly develop, test, and deploy services at scale. In this environment, network resources are in constant flux, providing ample opportunities for attackers. Unfortunately, legacy security solutions are ill-equipped to handle these and leave organizations vulnerable. IT security teams need solutions that leverage anomaly detection to safeguard cloud data.

Employ Big Data to Do Security

Traditional security solutions rely on signatures, or rule-based approaches, where rules are readily understandable – but the drawbacks are that these rules are manually entered and do not catch new attack profiles. To reduce false-positive rates, the rules are often written for very well-defined threat scenarios, limiting their effectiveness in production environments. ... " 

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