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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

AI Set to Replace Humans in Cybersecurity

 Makes much sense in one respect, AI is about automated pattern recognition and reaction.  But it can also be said there will be AI on the other side adapting as well.

AI Set to Replace Humans in Cybersecurity by 2030, Says Trend Micro Survey   By ZDNet, January 26, 2021

More than 40% of IT leaders responding to a Trend Micro survey said they expect artificial intelligence to replace them by 2030.

In a survey of 500 information technology (IT) leaders by cloud security firm Trend Micro,  41% of respondents expect artificial intelligence (AI) to take over their roles by 2030, while just 9% doubt their jobs will be fully automated.

The study predicts hackers will aggressively target remote and cloud-based systems this year. 

A third (32%) of respondents said they expect AI eventually will fully automate all cybersecurity, while 19% said they believe attackers will routinely use AI by 2025, and 24% expect data access will be linked to biometric or DNA data, foiling unauthorized access.

Trend Micro's Bharat Mistry said, "While AI is a useful tool in helping us to defend against threats, its value can only be harnessed in combination with human expertise."

The company recommends companies redouble their best practice security and patch management efforts, and enhance threat detection with 24-7 security expertise.  .... " 

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