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Friday, January 29, 2021

Best practices in design conversational AI in integration with Business Software

Good thoughts here regards linking business software to Conversational AI.  Intro below:

Further thoughts on integrating business process and Conversational AI.  Examining for a particular application.   I like the implication of writing a 'story of use'  to make sure it addresses goals effectively.   Read rest of article, non technical.

Best practices in design conversational AI in integration with business software

By Andrew Rudchuk    in TowardsDataScience   Founder @ Hala.ai 


In this article, I will try to describe designing the conversational AI in integration with back-end software.

Real example: Create a bot for adding time activities by employees. With time activity, you can specify the date, time spent on some task, assign it to a project or customer, and in addition to that, specify the hourly rate and if it is billable or not.

Step 1 — Define Intents

To design the intents in many cases, I am trying to communicate with the bot’s future users. You can write a story and explain the purpose of your request to provide different examples of utterances (intents) that they can use in the bot for adding new time activity. This step aims to have real-time examples from the users, and it is not only for training the intents and getting higher confidence for it but also for designing the bot in the most appropriate way.

Of course, you can design the utterances on your own and start the design of the flow, but in the end, this could lead to additional work because you would need to rebuilt everything.  .... ' 

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