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Monday, January 25, 2021

Camera Based Automated Drone Landing

Seems a simple action, but can be complex in different contexts. 

Novel Camera-Based System for Automated Landing of Drone on Fixed Spot

Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan), January 21, 2021

Scientists at Japan's Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) have demonstrated an automated camera-based drone landing system to bring aerial drones to a safe landing automatically. SIT's Chinthaka Premachandra said the effort required a robust and cost-effective image-processing algorithm to deliver position feedback to the controller, and a fail-safe switch logic so a remote pilot could abort autonomous mode if necessary. The team integrated the controller with an algorithm that detected an H-shaped landing symbol in real time and converted the pixels into physical coordinates, which generated horizontal feedback. Incorporating an adaptive region of interest expedited computation of the camera's vertical distance to the landing symbol, shortening computing time to 3 milliseconds. The drone successfully flew toward the landing spot and hovered while maintaining height, before achieving vertical touchdown. ... " 

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