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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Digital First Approaches

Arranging digital approachs.

A digital first approach is essential to retail success    By Lee Peterson   in RetailWire with expert commentary

 Through a special arrangement, what follows is a summary of an article from WayfinD, a quarterly e-magazine filled with insights, trends and predictions from the retail and foodservice experts at WD Partners.

Modern shopping keeps getting better, easier, faster, cheaper and smarter — for the consumer, that is.

And because of newish shopping tools and their ease of use for everything, shopping has become intertwined with everyday life. Pick up the kid, buy a sweater, check the weather, ship the Cheerios next-day all in one fell swoop. Shopping is no longer an “event”, it’s just another thing we have to do today, another button to push.  ... " 

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