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Sunday, January 17, 2021

How AI Will Change Marketing

The point is made that predictive, forecasting and other forward looking capabilities and alerting will be the key to improving marketing.   Those who know more about the future can leverage it.

How artificial intelligence will change be the future of marketing in DSC

Posted by Elice Max on January 16, 2021 at 12:00a 

Artificial intelligence is reshaping almost all the aspects of doing business, from finance to sales and R&D to operations. Its most profound impact is, however, being witnessed in the field of marketing where not only it has already created great value but experts predict it is going to change the future of marketing massively. In this article we will explore how this branch of knowledge that is based on cognitive technologies and replication of human intelligence in machines is going to transform the marketing strategies.

The transformation of marketing by AI has already begun. Using algorithms, handling an extremely huge amount of data, and excellent analytical techniques, the businesses are now adopting customer-centric marketing strategies to communicate with the targeted and segmented audience in an intelligent manner. The fashion industry is a case in point where marketing today is immersive, interactive, and is thus providing customers a cutting-edge shopping industry.

How will AI transform marketing in future?

The marketing transformation is long overdue as it is still using the old playbook using communication with all. The AI’s machine learning is however bound to humanize marketing. Here is what changes it will create in the future.

Marketers will be aided by Strong predictive ability: Using conversational assistance, marketers will be able to dig deep into customers’ needs and ongoing trends and therefore will be capable to predict future trends more accurately.... ' 

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