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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Researchers Propose Compiler for Homomorphic Encryption

 Still with some technical barriers.  See below for some details.  Links to more.

Researchers propose Porcupine, a compiler for homomorphic encryption

Kyle Wiggers  @Kyle_L_Wiggers  January 22, 2021 

Homomorphic encryption (HE) is a privacy-preserving technology that enables computational workloads to be performed directly on encrypted data. HE enables secure remote computation, as cloud service providers can compute on data without viewing highly sensitive content. But despite its appeal, performance and programmability challenges remain a barrier to HE’s widespread adoption.

Realizing the potential of HE will likely require developing a compiler that can translate a plaintext, unencrypted codebase into encrypted code on the fly. In a step toward this, researchers at Facebook, New York University, and Stanford created Porcupine, a “synthesizing compiler” for HE. They say it results in speedups of up to 51% compared to heuristic-driven, entirely hand-optimized code.  ... "

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