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Friday, January 29, 2021

Multiple value Slots for Improved Dialog

 Reported in Amazon Developer,  Dialog is the thing.   

Now Available: Use Multi-Value Slots to build more Natural conversations

Karthik Ragubathy Jan 19, 2021

Share:  CLI Dialog Management

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Multi-Value Slots, taking a step toward enabling Alexa Skills to understand more complex commands and utterances. As skill developers, you spend a lot of time developing interactions to be more natural and conversational so your customers can have a memorable experience with your skill. One thing that makes conversations more natural is the ability to speak out multiple values of the same type in a single sentence, similar to what we do in our daily conversations. For example, my partner and I could be discussing dinner plans, and I would say, “What can we cook with potatoes and broccoli for dinner?” If you want your customers to be able to have similar conversations with your Alexa skill, you can use Multi-Value Slots in your skill.

Without Multi-Value Slots, here’s how you might have implemented that conversation within your skill.

Customer : Alexa, open recipe suggestions.

Alexa : Welcome to recipe suggestions. Tell me the first ingredient you have today?

Customer : I have potatoes.

Alexa : Got it. what’s the second ingredient you want today?

Customer : Some broccoli

Alexa : Got it. Based on the ingredients you have, Italian Potatoes and Broccoli sounds like a good idea. ...'

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