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Monday, January 25, 2021

Patenting a Chat Bot of a Particular Person

The idea has been suggested before, here with slightly different capabilities.  Interesting depending hw well it could be implemented.   With image and realistic voice.   Consider too, who owns the particular replica of a person?    And how they are portrayed?     Worth patenting.

Microsoft patent would let us chat with the departed  by Peter Grad , in Tech Xplore

A chilling episode of the Twilight Zone that first aired 60 years ago focused on a young boy (played by Bill Mumy) who frustrated his parents by insisting he speaks to his grandmother daily on the toy phone she had given him just before she died. When his grieving and exasperated mother finally grabbed the phone to toss it away, she was startled to hear her mother's voice on the line.

The episode touched on the yearnings we all share of speaking one last time to a loved one no longer with us.

If a recently disclosed Microsoft patent comes to fruition, we'll be able to see, hear and converse with long-gone relatives. Or more accurately, with 3-D motion images complete with realistic voice reconstruction and distinct personality traits culled from a trove of the individual's communications on social media platforms. In short, a chat bot.

"Creating a Conversational Chat Bot of a Specific Person" is the dry but accurate title of a patent filed by Dustin Abramson and Joseph Johnson Jr. of Microsoft in 2017 and approved this month.  ... '

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