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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Amazon Opens Assistant AI Tech

 Have now run a car assistant for several years.  After a few bumps it works fine.       Have yet to see any true innovation in car use, just sharing some voice and music services.  What other customizations are useful?   Note the use of the 'Core AI platform',  or 'Alexa Custom Assistant' which implies a deeper technology reach, mentions video games.   Looking for a way to better monetize the AI investment.  See more on the tech at the Amazon Dev Site.       Via Walter Riker

Amazon opens Alexa AI tech for the first time so car makers can build custom assistants

Amazon is letting automakers tailor custom voice experiences using its AI platform  By Nick Statt@nickstatt   in TheVerge

Amazon will now allow third-party companies the unprecedented privilege of accessing the core artificial intelligence underpinning its Alexa digital assistant, a first for the company’s AI platform.

While Amazon has allowed companies to build skills for Alexa and allows pretty much any consumer electronic device maker to integrate Alexa into a compatible product, the e-commerce giant has not licensed the underlying AI tech for use in other assistant-like products. Amazon is calling the new offering Alexa Custom Assistant, and it’s starting out with a focus on the auto market.

Amazon is doing so to allow not just automobile manufacturers, but any company with a need for a digital voice assistant more control over the software experience. This will allow companies to create their own wake words and custom voices and capabilities Amazon says will “co-exist” with Alexa as it’s designed to work today. For the auto market, this provides Amazon the added benefit of having its software built directly into cars. ...'

Also the article mentions that Amazon is making this available for more than just car makers.

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