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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

C by GE Turns to Cync

 Wish that this had happened so strongly when I was connected, nice to see them back connected to IOT Home.  But will this direction survive?

C by GE gets rebranded under new ownership, expands beyond lighting  By Brian Heater@bheater in TechCrunch

There’s a decent chance you missed the news back in May — there was, after all, a lot going on at the time. General Electric sold off its more than 100-year-old GE  Lighting division to smart home company Savant. Today, the division’s new owner is announcing a key rebranding effort, six months after the initial deal.

Clearly there’s still value in the GE name, even divorced of its original parent company. In its new home, the C by GE line is getting a rebrand, however. Seems totally reasonable — C by GE was never the most straightforward name. Going forward, the line will be rebranded as “Cync” — which, if not better is, at the very least different.

Along with the change in ownership, the name connotes a broadening of scope — that much was probably an inevitability under Savant. GE Lighting  is becoming a larger smart-home brand in its new home. CES, which kicks off next week, will find the company introducing a new thermostat and a range of outdoor products, including a new smart plug. The brand will also introduce a connected camera and fan speed switch.   ... "

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