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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Fully Autonomous AI Running a Wall Street Hedge Fund

With a number of implications/   Interesting claim here.  The emergence of legitimate DAOs Distributed Autonomous Organizations?

No humans required, the fully autonomous AI running a Wall Street hedge fund
by 7wData

I’ve been documenting the emergence of fully autonomous organisations – organisations that are able to run and scale themselves without the need for any human operators, or intervention – sometimes also known as Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAO), for years now and I’m now starting to see the first production DAO’s appear and enter the market.

Aidyia, a new fully autonomous Hedge fund is a case in point, turned on late last year it’s a hedge fund that makes all of its stock trades using artificial intelligence (AI) – with no human intervention required – and as you’ll see Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, Goldman Sachs and maybe JPMorgan Chase might not necessarily be that far behind. In fact the pace and rate of change in the industry is now becoming so rapid that it even has its own dedicated event – the Battle of the Quants, the next installment of which is in Frankfurt later this month.

“If we all die,” says Goertzel, a longtime AI guru and the company’s chief scientist, “it would keep trading.”   ... " 

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