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Monday, August 03, 2020

Drug Delivery

Once again,  its the accurate and efficient delivery problem.  Often a key component of process.

COMMANDing Drug Delivery
MIT News
Sabbi Lall
July 10, 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are using a computational approach to help deliver drugs that treat brain disorders more effectively. The new COMMAND (computational mapping algorithms for neural drug delivery) approach takes into account the irregular shape of the target brain region, which could facilitate a more specific form of drug delivery using a single catheter. The system aims to maximize on-target and minimize off-target drug delivery. Using computational simulations, the researchers were able to deliver drugs to both compact brain structures and to broader, more irregular regions. Said MIT's Ashvin Bashyam, "COMMAND applies a simple principle when determining where to place the drug: Maximize the amount of drug falling within the target brain structure and minimize tissues exposed beyond the target region."   ... '

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