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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Its about Common Sense

Have repeated this many times, it was clear in the late 80s when we built systems that could solve a problem, but not implement it among decision makers.   For general AI, as well as installation of any system that interacts with humans.  Both directly or indirectly through results.   Looking for more out of the Allen Institute for AI.   Here a short introduction to the problem, again:

Giving AI Common Sense  By Bennie Mols

Senior Research Manager Yejin Choi says the Allen Institute for AI is teaching neural networks representations of common-sense knowledge and reasoning.

At the Allen Institute for AI:  https://allenai.org/ in Seattle, computer scientist Yejin Choi is leading project Mosaic, which aims to teach machines common-sense knowledge and reasoning, one of the hardest and longest-standing challenges in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Choi, senior research manager, leads the project, which started in 2018 and recently delivered its first results. Choi is also an associate professor at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle.

What is your definition of common sense?

Common sense is about the basic level of practical knowledge and reasoning that concerns everyday situations and events. This is knowledge that is commonly shared among most people. Most 10-year-old kids possess it, but it is very hard for machines. For example: don't leave the door of the fridge open too long, because the food will go bad. Or: if I drop my mug of coffee on the floor, the floor will get wet and the mug might break.

Common sense knowledge is not just about the physical world, but also about the social world. "If Kate smiles, she is probably happy."  .... '

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