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Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Ways to Build Assistant Voice Apps

Look forward to the details on this, any way you can create better intelligence is good.   Note changes in training methods.

Google Assistant Upgrades Action Developer Tools to Streamline Building and Running Voice Apps
By Eric Hal Schwartz in Voicebot.ai

Google announced upgrades to the Google Assistant runtime engine on Wednesday designed to improve the speed and performance of voice apps. The tech giant revealed the improvements along with a handful of new and updated tools aimed at simplifying the process of building Google Assistant Actions.

The new Actions Builder feature sets up a central hub in the Actions console for developing and testing a new Google Assistant Action, showing visually how the AI responds to different conversational prompts and making it easier to train and debug the app. The idea is that the developer won’t have to keep going back from the console to the Dialogflow natural language understanding platform. All of the tools are in the console, making the whole process more efficient.

Google also updated the Actions SDK to assist with boosting that efficiency. The SDK puts every element of the voice app into files that a developer can export wherever they wish. That means the developer could build the voice app without needing to use the cloud, while still enabling them to move training data around. Using the files with Google’s improved command-line interface (CLI) also allows the developer to skip using any interface at all and just write and edit the app with code.
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