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Friday, June 19, 2020

Concept Mapping-based Platform for Learning and Knowledge Assessment.

Re connecting with Sero!, here is a repeat of a previous post:

Brought my attention by Brian Moon,  a knowledge design practitioner we have worked with.  I am a longtime proponent of concept mapping, we developed thousands.  Can this finally be a way to efficiently use such mapping to learn and analyze.?  Can it convert concept maps into knowledge maps, or at least their skeletal infrastructure?   Linking to process modeling?  Will be taking a deeper look:

Introducing Sero!, a concept mapping-based platform for learning and knowledge assessment.

We are harnessing the power of concept mapping to move well beyond outmoded assessments, exercising holistic and higher order thinking skills for formative and summative assessments. See what we're up to at https://www.serolearn.com. And take a sneak peek under the hood on our Assessor and Taker instructional pages.  .... 
 .. "

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