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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Consider the Flow, Tempo and Rhythm of Process

Had been looking at how different streams of work and delivery could be combined and transferred between  flows and tasks?    And had some time ago thought of the analogy of the combination of streams of music, rhythm, tempo and other musical measures and ideas.   Now discovered the Algoriddim system.   Could this be taken beyond music? Say to process flow and results?

Algoriddim’s Djay Pro AI can transfer vocals and rhythms between songs

Algoriddim’s live DJ mixing and editing app — Djay Pro — has been a standout on iPads, iPhones, and Macs for years, enabling users to slow songs down, speed them up, scratch them, and blur them together with ease. Today, the company is evolving the iOS version of the app with AI features, using a trained neural network to transfer one song’s vocals or rhythms to another track in real time.

Djay Pro previously focused on synchronizing the speeds of two different tracks, rebalancing their volume levels or equalization and playing with each song as it “spun” on a virtual turntable. Algoriddim’s new Neural Mix feature goes deeper, isolating and pulling out vocals (a trick best suited to hip hop tracks) or percussive/harmonic components (ideal for electronic music). DJs can use the AI-powered feature to create background-free a cappella tracks or voice-free instrumentals from existing songs or place one song’s words on another’s background.  .... " 

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