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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Synthetic Data to Support Research

In a much less complex sense we used a method, connected to real sensors on systems, to construct sample datasets.  The resulting ML could then be used as a testbed for proposed solutions.   We were not worried in this case about the security of the data, but I can see how that could be effectively used.

Producing Data Synthetically to Help Treat Diseases Like Covid-19
Aalto University
June 25, 2020

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) researchers have developed a machine learning-based method that can synthetically generate research data and help in designing better treatments for diseases like Covid-19. The team based a newly released application on the technique, allowing academics and companies to exchange data while maintaining the privacy of individuals involved in the research. Researchers enter the original dataset into the app, which produces a synthetic dataset that can be shared securely with other scientists and companies. FCAI investigators are currently using synthetic data to construct a model that anticipates whether a subject's coronavirus test is positive or negative, based on certain biomarkers.  ... " 

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