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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Verified, Intentified Phone Calling is Advancing

Will we soon get the inferred reason for a phone call?  Its getting a start already, in IOS I get already get 'likely spam', and who it is likely to be from, but why not inferring reasonable intent?

Really a kind of machine learning, from calls, texts and Contact info, and call message text, the data is there and growing.

Verified Calls for the Google phone app will let you know why a business is calling

Another addition to make calls more simple and seamless  By Caleb Potts in Android Police

Even though we don't generally use our phones for calling as much these days, the actual phone part of your phone is still important. Google has long worked to make phone calls less annoying with features like automatic call screening and spam detection. Now, it looks like a new Verified Calls feature is rolling out to help consumers know why a business is calling them before they pick up.

According to Google's support page, Verified Calls is a feature that helps users learn more about incoming calls before answering. Unlike call screening, which can be initiated by the user on any incoming call, Verified Calls only come from businesses that have gone through Google's approval process. When a call that meets the criteria is placed from an approved business, the user will see the business name and logo, as well as the reason for the call.  ... "

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